FlickerFuckers is a duo from south of Sweden working with erotic art in videos, live visuals, photos and performance.

A few selected films are shown at film festivals, but our primary focus is to make enveloping installation-works/rooms where video, lighting, sound, acoustics and scenography harmonize for the visitor’s emotional experience of being in or part of the concept. An overall thematic approach is to find erotic charge in aesthetics, situations, materials and encounters that do not have obvious sexual content. We want to experiment with the unexpected and find that which is challenging to eye and mind. We share equally in all production tasks and responsibilities, but divide specific tasks according to opportunity and ability.

There is no acting involved in FF’s works. All reactions are occurring in the moment, as acts of trust. It’s about making yourself vulnerable – and to manage that trust.

The works seem to be taking place in a post-apocalyptic state where everything is allowed. The room is created by flickering and unpredictable lighting, which forces the viewers to sharpen their minds. The fragmentary editing distorts the perception of time and creates a constant ongoing now, where the naked, authentic feelings of vulnerability and intimacy are at the heart of it.

Tor Billgren
Art critic