The project has emerged as a reaction to what we see is a very limited presentation of sexuality and pleasure that permeates the majority of media; from advertising and art to pornography. A restrictive representation creates norms for who may and may not be seen, for which bodies may be attractive, for which persons may make themselves heard and seen. We want to overcome these limitations, we want to lift the shame and give a voice, and a room, to those who stand outside.

We want to show that there is a sexuality:

1. which is based on one’s own will to experience and participate, free from coercion, demands or financial incentives.

2. which comes from the individual and their personal sexual expression, as opposed to expressions that come from directives or interaction with other people.

3. who autonomously wants to be seen and takes power over what is displayed, as opposed to being a product that adapts to the consumption of the most affluent of looks.

4. which, during recording and showing, gives power and agency to the participants, opposed to one that is based on the viewer’s or the client’s perspective.

5. which with security and consent invites all body types, (adult) ages, ethnicity, functional ability, orientation, gender and transgender identity for an inclusive and accessible project.

Feel free to contact us to join the project.