Media: Video Time: 00:07:53 Year: 2021 Status: Closed Starring: Focault Méup & ida H Music by: Niclas Stanik Screenings: Erotikafton Festival, Inkonst, Malmö, 2022 Scream…

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The project has emerged as a reaction to what we see is a very limited presentation of sexuality and pleasure that permeates the majority of…

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Media: Video Time: 00:06:31 Year: 2018 Status: Closed Starring: Ctum Music: Niclas Stanik Screenings: Erotikafton förspelet, Inkonst, 2018 Porn Film Festival Vienna, Vienna, 2020 Hacker…

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Media: Video Time: 00:07:37 Year: 2015 Status: Closed Starring: Lynch & Ctum Screenings: RECTUM, Malmö, 2016

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