Concept: Live Club Visuals

Construction: Reactive audio effects, feedback-loops and live control of FF source material.

Venue requirements:

  1. Area for Dancefloor and stage/projection.

  2. Back or front projection.

  3. >3m wide screen, 16:9, 1920*1080p.

  4. Nominal luminance 25-40 Foot-Lamberts.

  5. 6500K Calibration.

  6. Digital video mixer =/>2 HDMI-connections.

  7. Stereo XLR audio-feed from main-mixer.

  8. FOH position for FF.

  9. DJ and/or playlist to be reviewed and accepted by FF prior to performance.



PLASTIKMAN - Ask Yourself (Knobs Remix)

Kangdin Ray - Serendepity March

Traversable Wormhole - Traversing The Asteroid Belt (Monoloc Remix)

Pfirter - The Fall Of The Empire Is Imminent