1. Mono_Fuck

  2. Randomized video playlist at special exhibitions. An ever growing series of clips with different subjects.

  3. Construction

  4. Exhibition: Minimum 355x200cm 16:9 projection screen in an otherwise empty room. Professional PA-system for 2-ch audio-playback.

  5. Description

  6. Mono_Fuck is an experiment of anonymous sexuality in the practice of masturbation and desire for expression. Our aim is a shift in the direction of erotic display where the goal is not to gratify the viewer, but instead to please the subject. Pleasure through the power of being seen. The power of the subjects to show an audience, to whom they for their own pleasure reveal their desire, their sexuality, their body, their acts. Mono_Fuck is not a paid performance; the acts sprung from real desires for expression.

  7. Rules and methods of Mono_Fuck manifesto, anno 2015

  8. No fake, no acting, no manuscript, as little direction as possibly.

  9. No economic award/compensation for performance and free for audience to view.

  10. One take capture, with no cuts or obstruction of the flow of time.

  11. Tripod mounted camera with locked tilt and pan during take.

For participation in Mono_Fuck, apply to fuck@flickerfuckers.com


Niclas Stanik


000: RECTUM, Malmö, 2015

000: Evening of Erotica, Malmö, 2015

000-009: Evening of Erotica, Malmö, 2018